Peak Performance Programmes

Peak Performance Programmes

Our ground-breaking programmes are designed to help you achieve your dreams in the equine world.

During the first visit we will work out where the causes of the horses and your own pain and restrictions come from and we expect changes to happen from the first treatment even if you’ve had someone regularly treating your horse.


Stage 1- Acute

Session 1 to 3

We will ask you to walk your horse for us to check the gate and find out the areas of tension and pain and after the treatment if possible watch you ride it to show any issues which may still be affecting the performance and show any immediate changes made.

Tension and pain could be stemming from the rider, conformation, injuries, compensation patterns, ill-fitting saddle including other ill fitting tack, teeth or feet etc.

We will take a history including any falls or injuries, then check the horse & riders balance.

Videos and photos may be taken to check for changes before the next session.

Just treating the horse is not always the best idea as the rider is often the cause of the lack of peak performance and we must fix the rider first otherwise the rider will re injure the horse.

If we just fix the horse and the rider is crooked or un balanced then the horse will break down again as it has to compensate for the riders unsoundness and visa versa.

Stage 2, – Recovery

Session 4 to 8

Eckley technique sessions every 10 to 15 days consolidating the improvements made so far and helping strengthen the deep muscular changes needed.

Muscles need to be soft and supple to work at their full potential, any knots or tension will cause loss of performance and eventually injury to the muscle fibres.

Stage 3, – Maintenance

Session 9 onwards

Sessions every 21 to 28 days.

Regular treatments help recovery from workouts along with reducing the risk of injury.

In these maintenance sessions the rider should be checked as well.