TPT 4 Horses Diploma Course Launched

TPT 4 Horses

Online Diploma Level

This trigger point course is suitable for therapists, owners, or anyone who works in the care and well-being of horses.

The TPT4Horses course provides a detailed overview of trigger point theory as it applies to horses, combined with a fully illustrated trigger point locator, course text, and over 70 minutes of video tutorials presented by Andy Eckley.

Course texts may be downloaded for saving or printing offline. Video tutorials may be accessed online 24/7 and may be downloaded.

Certification is available for all licensed manual therapists and is included with this course. Certification requires completion of an online reflective learning exam.

TPT 4 Horses is the diploma level and a prerequisite to attending further advanced training.

TPT4Horses will cover all the active trigger points found in horses, how to find them then how to safely release them.

  • There are 3 teaching videos
  • Muscle charts including all the trigger points
  • Exams and Certification

After you pass the TPT4Horses online diploma course you are eligible to join Andy for further advanced training in the following.

We will explore the horse as a whole including their energy, meridian, fascia and muscular systems including anatomy and physiology of both the horse and rider and how you can treat both horse and rider with confidence.

This training course we believe is unique in that we will share with you how to do a complete therapy session on your horse and rider addressing deep muscular patterns of tension all the way through to the horses energy body.

TPT 4 Horses online training courses

This is some of what you’ll learn…

  • The three techniques for assessing horses you need to start a treatment every-time.
  • How to check and correct trigger points causing pain in the head & neck, shoulders legs & chest, withers & back, sacrum, coccyx and hips
  • How to find and release areas of tension
  • What your horse is trying to tell you with its eyes!
  • The subtle ways the horse is trying to teach you!
  • How to find muscle spasms and correct deep seated areas of pain
  • How to check and correct energy blockages
  • How to check and correct meridian’s and release Qi blockages
  • How to check and correct connective tissue (Fascia) problems faster
  • How to check and correct trigger points and find areas of tension
  • How to find muscle spasms and correct deep seated areas of pain
  • How to put all this together and be an integrated equine & rider therapist and have the confidence in your technique and get the results which your clients will expect.

Optional courses:

  • How to be an energy healer for all animals (Including Reiki attunements Level 1 & Level 2)
  • Elective day including farrier demonstration / equine dentistry & saddle fitting
  • Animal communication
  • How to integrate “The ECKLEY technique®” into your therapy i.e., Bowen, EMMETT, Mastersons, Equine Touch, Massage, McTimoney, Physio.

It is envisioned that classes for the first 3 years will be taught by Andy Eckley himself then when suitable students show excellence in their understanding opportunities will arrive to become Instructors in the following countries.

  • America
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Australia

The ECKLEY Technique® course content will include professionally accurate manuals including anatomy and physiology with the students having to pass an exam showing their competence with the technique. Case studies will be required.

To apply for The ECKLEY technique® advanced course send your TPT4Horses foundation certificate to

TPT 4 Horses Online Training