I can't praise this therapy enough and have seen many amazing results from the Treatments. It was thanks to Andy that I have learnt this amazing therapy and that I am also now able to continue his previous good work in teaching it to others.

Testimonial from Caroline to Andy Eckley
I can’t praise this therapy enough…
Some kind words from Caroline Le Messurier UK Instructor EMMETT 4 Animals

Andy has a great way with horse's and a deep inner calm that brings about peace that makes the horses very at ease. It is a true pleasure to watch him at work...

Anne Marie Cannon EMMETT Instructor Ireland
Andy has a great way with horse’s…
Anne Marie Cannon Equine Soul Help Ireland

Andy Eckley of TPT 4 Horses is a legend, My best horse (always the best ones) got kicked in the field. When i went to catch him i have to say i thought the worst he couldn't weight bear on his front near fore at all, I thought he had broken it.

I managed somehow to get him to walk on three legs to the stable where i could look at it - there was no heat and no swelling and he would let me move it around but still no way was he going to put his weight on it. So instead of calling the vets I decided to try calling Andy as had heard good reports about him from a few Bowen Therapists i have used in the past.

Andy was so calm and offered to come out that evening - this horse was supposed to be competing the following weekend at a British Event so to say I was relieved that someone was coming to look at him was an understatement!!

Andy came to the yard looked him over did a couple of moves and to my amazement and the few onlookers my horse just walked off normally!!! It was incredible.

Andy stated the horse had a dead leg but still from non weight bearing to walking off and later trotting in a matter of minutes blew me away!!. Needless to say the horse did compete the following weekend .So I cannot speak highly enough of Andy and and his technique and incredibly since then he has also fixed me and my back pain.

Thank You Andy for introducing me to your technique and fixing my horse and even myself.

Andy Eckley Emmett 4 horses is a legend
Andy Eckley Emmett 4 horses is a legend

I learnt emmett 4 horses from Andy Eckley. I love his humour and his friendly kind of teaching.
My students and I will miss him very much.
I'm thankfully for his being there for all my questions 🙂
very special thanks to you

I would really recommend training with Andy. I learned Emmett for dogs. He is an excellent teacher, making the lessons fun and easy to learn. He has a natural way with dogs and people.

Andy Eckley equine therapist at work
Sarah Moynihan

Im extremely proud to say that Andy will be supporting me looking after Me & Galante for the coming season, but also he will still be looking after my others as well. If anyone would like to try Andy do message me as we could arrange visits to the area. He is well worth it! Its now been 5 days since my treatment & i feel fab, my Tennis elbow has gone & my back feels renewed im quite shocked.

Divine Equestrian
Carrie Turner Dressage
m extremely proud to say that Andy will be supporting me looking after Me & Galante for the coming season