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TPT 4 Horses  

Online Diploma Level

We are very excited to announce that TPT4Horses Diploma Online Course is now available when you click on the green button below

This course is suitable for therapists, owners, or anyone who works in the care and well-being of horses.

The course provides a detailed overview of trigger point theory as it applies to horses, combined with a fully illustrated trigger point locator, course text, and over 70 minutes of video tutorials presented by Andy Eckley.

Course texts may be downloaded for saving or printing offline. Video tutorials may be accessed online 24/7 and may be downloaded.

Certification is available for all licensed manual therapists and is included with this course. Certification requires completion of an online reflective learning exam.

TPT 4 Horses is the Diploma level and a prerequisite to attending masterclasses.

TPT4Horses will cover all the active trigger points found in horses, how to find them then how to safely release them.

  • There are 3 teaching videos
  • Muscle charts including all the trigger points
  • Exams and Certification 


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