Q & A The ECKLEY Technique

Q, What’s involved in an ECKLEY treatment?

  • An ECKLEY treatment can last from 20 minutes to an hour of hands on work, however the first session may last longer as we will need to see the horse’s gait in walk & trot (before, during and after the treatment) plus ideally see the horse ridden to determine if the rider has issues that is causing pain and restrictions to the horse.
  • Your horse will be checked all over for tension and pain responses then we will treat the areas of pain and restriction.
  • Each treatment is different as we work with what’s wrong with the horse and address this, we don’t do a one size treatment fits all but rather concentrate on what your individual horse needs help with and stop when its had as much information as it can process.
  • Ideally we would access if the rider is balanced to the horse and if needed check the saddle & feet during the session.

Q, How often does my horse need a treatment?

  • Every horse is different and one session could be enough for the required changes to happen, however for competition horses who re-injure themselves regular sessions will help recovery from injury and help their balance, softness and suppleness.

Q, How long does the therapy last?

  • An ECKLEY treatment give results which are deep working affecting muscles and injuries. This powerful combination of Bowen, Sports massage, Trigger point, Acupressure, EMMETT 4 Horses meridian therapy along with the magic of Andy Eckley’s hands lasts unless there is a re-injury, so often one or two sessions is all that’s needed although regular sessions is by far the best for your horse.

Q, When can we work the horses after a treatment?

  • It’s wise after the first treatment to allow the horse 24 to 48 hours before vigorous training or competition although there are some corrections that can be done to soften hamstrings or release tension in the poll, neck or back on the day of a competition especially if the horse is used to receiving manual therapy treatments.