Internationally known therapist Andy Eckley

Andy Eckley equine massage
Internationally known therapist Andy Eckley was the first person outside Australia / New Zealand to learn and treat horses with EMMETT therapy. Andy who was already a successful equine therapist using trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and Bowen therapy helped guide and develop EMMETT 4 horses in Europe into the successful modality it is today.

Without Andy’s help, knowledge and drive it is highly unlikely that EMMETT for Horses & Dogs would be known and taught in so many European countries today.

The first Instructors of EMMETT therapy for animals (Kath & Steve Rochford) came to the UK in April 2010 to teach their EMM therapy due to Andy agreeing in 2009 to coordinate their very first teaching tour to Europe with his expert knowledge of hosting events.

When Andy and Ross Emmett parted company in 2016 Andy had taught the animal side of the therapy to more students than any other instructor in the World (Including Ross Emmett) and has personally taught every instructor in Europe. Andy has also spent extensive time since 2009 with the creator of EMMETT developing the technique and sharing Andy’s vision for all animals to be helped not just people. Andy is also friends with and has shared knowledge with Gary Wells Australia’s leading equine therapist who has treated over 20,000 horses specialising in top race horses.

Andy Eckley has now left EMMETT and has now developed in his opinion a deeper and more targeted therapy that’s “Beyond Bowen & EMMETT®” The results from ECKLEY treatment are both fast and long lasting addressing pain and restrictions that affect both horse and riders. If you want Andy to call in and give you a free consultation then contact us today and arrange an appointment at your premises.

Andy will be opening his teaching school “The ECKLEY Technique” in the Autumn of 2016 and will teach and share his advanced deep tissue, sports massage technique.

Below is a list of some of the conditions that we have excellent changes we have seen after an ECKLEY treatment in both horses & riders

         Horses          Riders & handlers
  • Injuries from sport or accidents
  • Unbalanced head carriage
  • Saddle soreness & girthing issues
  • Tension in back and lumbar area
  • Lateral flexion restriction
  • Restricted forward movement
  • Short stepping
  • Standing short or uneven
  • Poor performance
  • Changes to behavior
  • Stiff through the legs
  • Dragging feet
  • Head shy
  • Free up neck rotation problems
  • Shoulder problems
  • Difficulty reaching the arm behind the body
  • Restriction on lifting the arm
  • An excellent tool to help with frozen shoulder
  • Biceps strain
  • Improve grip strength
  • Elbow problems, and RSI
  • Free up dragging under the arm
  • lower back tightness and pain
  • Help with breathing difficulties
  • Difficulty squatting, lack of leg strength
  • Tense tight and fluid filled calves
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