“The ECKLEY Technique” Equine Sports Massage that works…

Every top equine athlete suffers from pain and restrictions which limit the performance they can achieve, however help is at hand for you and your horse with this new and exciting technique with guaranteed results.

Some Testimonials: 

I’m extremely proud to say that Andy will be supporting me looking after me & Galante for the coming season, but also he will still be looking after my others as well. If anyone would like to try Andy do message me as we could arrange visits to the area. He is well worth it! Its now been 5 days since my treatment & I feel fab, my tennis elbow has gone & my back feels renewed I’m quite shocked – Carrie Turner Dressage

Andy has a great way with horse’s and a deep inner calm that brings about peace that makes the horses very at ease… Anne Marie Cannon (Ireland)

Andy came to the yard looked him over did a couple of moves and to my amazement and the few onlookers my horse just walked off normally!!! It was incredible… Lisa Smith Eventing

After 1 hour, with Andy’s treatment, Billy was 95% improved, the toe dragging, two-tenths lameness and lateral bending had pretty much disappeared… C. Harrison Equine Bowen Therapist

This is your chance to work with Andy Eckley in a unique “Peak Performance Programme” where the aim is to improve your horses performance very quickly with deep seated pain and the causes of that pain addressed. Andy Eckley creator and developer of a deep tissue trigger-point massage technique targeted to work on the knots and tension that causes the pain and loss of performance in both horses and riders. Andy will also check and adjust your balance and make sure you are not causing a pain or restriction in your horse.

Andy is one of only a handful of equine experts from Europe who passed the vigorous training required to work on Hollywood film sets looking after the welfare of stunt horses and often is called to film sets around Europe to monitor the animal action for the “No Animals Were Harmed” certificate.

Andy will follow his 45+ point check of high stress and trigger areas in each horse along with a 25+ point check of the rider if needed. This will show up any pain and restrictions and give a good understanding of any problems that need addressing. 

Andy has successfully treated horses in England, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Norway and Malta and would like to help you and your horses. Contact Andy Today!

“The Eckley Technique”

Andy has studied the techniques of leading equine therapists including the late Jack Meagher who was a pioneer in deep sports massage for horses. Andy treats both riders and horses with his advanced development of previous studies including anatomy & physiology of horse and riders along with a deep understanding of sports massage techniques for both horse and riders. Your horse will receive precision targeted muscle injury and tension busting help that can improve even long term problems.

Beyond Physiotherapy, Massage, Bowen & Emmett

When you book Andy to work with your horses we’re confident you’ll notice improvements in suppleness and power that are beyond what’s achievable after Physio, Massage, Bowen or Emmett sessions – In fact were so confident your results are guaranteed or your money back!

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About Andy Eckley

Andy Eckley Creator & Developer of “The ECKLEY Technique” AHA (American Humane Association) film & TV safety rep. Senior Instructor In Europe for Emmett therapies (2013 – 2016) who in 2009 became the first person in Europe to treat horses with Emmett therapy. Andy who pre 2009 was already a successful equine therapist using trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and Bowen. Andy grew up on a 200 acre farm in Mid Wales and rode Welsh ponies and horses from the age of eleven.


From 2013 to 2016 Andy taught EMMETT 4 Horses more times and in more Countries than any other instructor in the World Including Ross Emmett himself and has until 2016 personally taught every EMMETT 4 Horses instructor in Europe. Andy has worked with all standards of horses from Olympic standard to happy hackers.

Andy has created a NEW technique that’s he believes is a far superior horse therapy to anything he’s taught before (Including EMMETT) and is very excited to launch his NEW school soon and share with you!

About Andy’s Sessions

The core principle behind Andy’s hugely successful peak performance programmes are regular sessions which address both the horse and rider.

Often it is the rider who causes the issues with the horse, sometimes its ill fitting tack, hoof and teeth imbalances or even psychological problems caused by stressful events. Whatever the cause of your drop in performance or lower than expected achieving Andy can help.

If your horse or rider is injured then sessions can be as often as every 5 to 7 days for the first few weeks reducing to every 10 to 15 days for the next month. Maintenance programmes can be from 7 to 28 days apart whatever is best for your training schedule.

Each horse and rider has unique issues so your peak performance programme is carefully structured for you to achieve maximum results.

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